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Summer heat is not a joke when it comes to asphalt. It gets hot, it expands, and it can crack. When winter rains come around, water can seep into the cracks causing erosion, leading to more visual and internal damage in your asphalt. Check out these four ways to protect your asphalt from the heat this summer.


Fill & Seal Cracks

As mentioned above, you want to fill and seal any cracks in your asphalt or driveway to prevent water from creating internal damage. The best way to go about this is to use a rubberized-emulsion crack filler and avoid any other areas of your driveway to stop from staining. If you are concerned about your ability to do this on your own, contact an asphalt paving contractor.


Protective Coating

Putting a protective sealant or coating on top of your asphalt helps to protect it from the elements, such as water, UV, and oils. It is good to do this before it gets too hot or else the sealer may dry too fast. Again, contact a professional paving contractor Darien to get the right way.


Change Where You Park

Due to the heat of summer making asphalt flexible, you want to adjust how you park on your asphalt or driveway during this time. This includes any other heavy objects you may have laying around on your asphalt, as having heavy objects in one spot for a long period of time can create indentations that are unsightly and long-lasting. 


Hose it Down

Cool water can help reduce the surface heat of your asphalt not only making it more bearable to walk on, but it will help prevent it from distorting or moving due to the excessive heat temperatures.


Contact DNM Associates, LLC to speak with a driveway resurfacing Darien CT professional on ways to protect your asphalt this summer.