How to Prepare Your Asphalt for Winter

With the winter months in full swing, your asphalt is an important component to protect from harsh elements. Addressing your asphalt’s needs as soon as possible will ensure you run into fewer problems as the weather gets colder. It might be surprising to discover it isn’t the cold temperatures that impact your asphalt. Instead, it is the freezing and thawing process that can be harmful to your driveway. Protect your asphalt with these 3 tips to get you through the winter. 

Clear Your Pavement of Debris Before Snow Hits

To prepare for colder weather it is best to start ahead of time. Schedule a professional street cleaning session with an asphalt contractor Greenwich CT. By doing so, you can identify any potholes or cracks to be repaired immediately. Additionally, this can guarantee any large pieces of debris don’t get frozen underneath and cause damage later on. Larger pieces of debris can become an issue later when using snowplows which can create more damage. 

Fill Cracks in Your Asphalt and Sealcoat

Crack filling and seal coating are two important aspects of maintaining and protecting the condition of your asphalt. Proper seal coating requires a nightly temperature of at least 50 degrees, so it needs to be done quickly before it gets too cold. If you have missed this opportunity, consider planning this asphalt driveway Greenwich CT treatment for next year. 

Watch for Pooling Water

Puddles are not a good sign if you see water pooling call an asphalt contractor Greenwich CT as soon as possible. This display can signal low, weak spots in the asphalt and poor drainage. As this pooling water begins to freeze it will also expand, which will increase the pressure. This can cause your pavement to start to crack and can damage the asphalt driveway. 

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