Asphalt Driveway Contractor Stamford CT

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If you’re a homeowner or property manager in Stamford CT, turn to the trusted pros at D.N.M. Associates Paving and Masonry when you need an asphalt driveway contractor or paving contractor. We can assess the condition of your asphalt driveway and recommend repairs or replacement as needed.

The New England weather can take its toll on driveways, with the freezing and thawing cycles leading to degradation, crumbling and uneven surfaces. To keep driveways safe for family, friends, customers and visitors, it’s important to address any asphalt driveway issues as quickly as possible.

How Do Asphalt Driveways Work?

Often we take driveways for granted. Understanding how an asphalt driveway is constructed can help you ask the right questions when selecting a driveway contractor.

Asphalt is one of the most affordable materials for use on driveways. To make sure it lasts, you need to be sure the property is prepared properly.

The bottom, or subgrade, level usually consists of naturally occurring soil that needs to be compacted, then graded. If the property is in a wetter area, other preventative measures are needed to keep this base level dry.

The base itself consists of 3-6 inches of an asphalt composite. Concrete or crushed gravel. Once placed, this coarser material is also compacted.

The top layer consists of 203 inches of compacted hot asphalt that’s applied to the base. Next, a heavy roller smooths and flattens the driveway. The job isn’t done until the edges surrounding the driveway are graded at the proper angle and tempered to assure proper water flow.

Wear And Tear Happens

With the wear and tear of vehicles putting tons of weight on the driveway every day, driveways, however durable, will begin to show signs of wear. Typically, damage first appears via small cracks or divots that pock-mark the driveway surface.

Small cracks lend themselves to simple repair or a basic resurfacing coat. The question becomes less clear when those cracks expand and end up deeper in the driveway. At that point, a driveway overhaul is likely.

Don’t be deceived by a paving contractor who approaches you on a Saturday afternoon offering you a resurfacing deal. In most cases, these contractors are looking to get rid of older, poor quality asphalt. In addition, resurfacing merely adds a new superficial level, usually 1.5-2 inches in depth.

Larger cracks really should be repaired before any resurfacing is done. If not, the underlying damages are going to reappear soon in the newly laid layer.

While driveways can last 20-30 years, the subgrade condition, amount of traffic, and weather can shorten its lifespan. If there is damage to 25 percent of your driveway or more, it’s time to consider a new driveway, in which the old driveway is removed and a new subgrade and base are built.

For residents and businesses looking for a reliable driveway contractor in Stamford CT, turn to D.N.M. Associates Paving and Masonry. For more than 25 years, D.N.M. Associates Paving and Masonry has been a leading driveway contractor in driveway maintenance and asphalt driveway paving, including blacktop repairs, crack filling, patching and stripping for residential and commercial clients throughout lower Fairfield County.