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3 Tips for Hiring An Asphalt Paving Company

D.N.M. Associates: The Asphalt Company That Helps Keep Driveways Safe, Looking Great


As the weather gets warmer in Stamford, CT homeowners and business owners are looking to make sure their property is in top condition. When you need to find an asphalt paving company to repair or replace your driveway, turn to D.N.M. Associates. As an experienced asphalt paving company that’s earned the trust of lower Fairfield County residents, you can count on us for your driveway paving needs.

Here are 3 tips to find the right asphalt paving company for your Stamford, CT, driveway paving needs.

  1. Ask for references and documentation. You have a whole network of people you can ask for recommendations for an asphalt paving company. Coworkers, neighbors and family members are great resources. But don’t just ask for a name. Think about asking the following, too:
    • What price did you pay?
    • How long did it take to complete the work?
    • Did the company show up on time and clean up when the project was done?
    • Were there any problems with the driveway and, if so, did the company respond?

An asphalt paving company worth its weight will have the right insurance coverage for its work, its employees and your property. You can ask for insurance binders for evidence of worker’s compensation and general liability insurance coverage.

Look at the company’s reviews and evaluations left on social networks. Consider whether the company has any consumer organization endorsements. At D.N.M. Associates, we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

  1. What methods are used. You want a company that is using proper, industry standards in its work. You don’t want a company that is cutting corners on your driveway. As an example, if the company is putting a new overtop layer, the layer should be at least 2.5 inches thick. If it’s a brand-new driveway, you should expect that the gravel base is covered by 3 inches of asphalt at a minimum.
  2. Check the materials and equipment. Too often, homeowners can get duped by companies seeking to get rid of leftover or recycled asphalt. This asphalt is of a lower quality and very likely will lead to a poorer quality driveway that is susceptible to weather damage and cracks. You want and should expect the highest grade of asphalt possible.

The equipment used on your driveway should be clean and in good working condition. Ask about the equipment being used on your job, how many employees to expect and how long it will take to finish the project. Be sure you know about any follow-up instructions, such as how long you should wait before you drive on your newly finished driveway.

D.N.M. Associates Paving & Masonry has been serving Stamford are residents and businesses for more than 25 years. We offer a complete range of asphalt paving services, including blacktop repair, crack filling, patching and striping. We also offer excavation, back hoe services and patio walkways and walls. We’re confident we’ll be your asphalt paving company for years to come. Call us today to learn more about our services! (203) 323-5481.