5 Signs You Need Asphalt Repair Stamford CT

Asphalt is a dependable, quality, and recyclable pavement option for businesses or residential homes. However, despite its longlasting characteristics, it still requires routine maintenance. If you opt to disregard this prerequisite than the deterioration will escalate consequently leading to the detriment of consumers and a bad image for your business or home. D.N.M. Associates is here to solve all your asphalt repair Stamford CT or driveway contractor Stamford CT needs. The following are 5 signs it’s time to utilize our paving services Stamford CT:

  1. Cracks: If your asphalt begins to show cracks that mimic a web or alligator skin, it is time to repair the surface. Often these cracks require a detailed reclamation of the affected asphalt. Tree roots can also be a source of this problem so it is recommended to consider removing foliage to avoid constant repairs if this is a recurring issue.

  2. Drainage issues: If you begin to notice pools of water building up, that may be related to a leveling issue. The build-up of liquid can seep between layers and negatively affect binding agents. By consulting a contractor you can reduce the risk of future cracks, potholes, and other damage.

  3. Stains: Chemicals, especially from cars, can eat away at binding agents in the asphalt. If you notice stains or chemical spills contact a contractor to get this fixed immediately. Spills can sink deeper into pavements and then expand outwards if not attended to.

  4. Undermining: Additionally, undermining is a serious issue and occurs when an underground pipe has cracked or slipped its joint. The crack allows soil above to enter into the pipe and undermine the asphalt surface.

  5. Faded color: Sunlight and frequent use can cause the pavement color to fade from black to gray. This faded also can lead to brittleness making it more susceptible to cracking. Easy repairs can be performed by contractors which will help from preventing future extensive damage.

For more information regarding Asphalt Repair Stamford CT, contact D.N.M. Associates today!