Asphalt Paving

Asphalt: The #1 Choice for Driveway Paving in Stamford, CT

When it comes to asphalting in Stamford CT, there is no other option as eco-friendly for your driveway. 

Here at D.N.M. Associates, we always choose asphalt for our driveway paving in Stamford CT. That’s because asphalt is not only a durable choice, it’s sustainable and environmentally friendly too.

Asphalt is America’s top recycler! The asphalt industry reclaims about 100 million tons of asphalt every year, and about 95 million tons are being recycled and reused. Other non-biodegradable products- such as tire rubber, glass, and roofing shingles- are also recycled right back into driveway paving in Stamford CT. 

In addition to reusing asphalt material, new material is almost never needed once the asphalt is set. This is because of the tough exterior and durability of the material. When an asphalt road does need replacing, however, the process is easy and low maintenance. Only the top layer gets removed and replaced. When you cut out the creation of new material as well as the environmental impact of the construction work, you’re saving about 20% of energy wasted on similar pavement options such as concrete. 

Emissions from asphalt plants are also much lower than comparable materials. In fact, emissions have shown to have decreased by 97% in thirty years, despite production increasing significantly. The EPA considers the asphalt industry only a minor source of pollution for its factory production. 

The benefits of eco-friendly asphalt paving don’t stop there. Because the substance is made of oil, recycling reduces carbon footprint and lowers our economy’s dependence on foreign oils. Oil is a non-renewable resource and can be quite dangerous to obtain chemically, so recycling the material into asphalt paving is safer for the planet, the economy, and all of us here in Stamford CT. 

So how does recycling asphalt work exactly? When an asphalt road is torn up, the material goes into a new mixture, often serving as the “glue” for the new, recycled asphalt. Other recycled materials, like scrap metal, are added to reduce waste. The new mixture is forged in either a hot or cold mix- cold mixing is better for the environment as it produces less pollution and is often chosen over hot mixing for environmental safety. And there you have your recycled asphalt paving.

How can you and your driveway play your part to reduce carbon footprint? Choose DNM Associates for your driveway paving Stamford CT. We work exclusively with asphalt for our projects to deliver you a long-lasting, eco-friendly, sustainable road.
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