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Safety and Maintenance in Driveway Paving Darien CT

Driveway paving can be a rather dangerous task so it is important to understand how to perform the task in the safest way possible to avoid potential injuries. There have been many severe accidents that have come about from the maintenance process of driveway repair and paving. By exercising these precautionary measures, you can avoid the event of an unfortunate accident. Below are 3 essential safety awareness tips to abide by when going about your driveway paving Darien, CT:

  1. Be careful when getting on and off equipment: This is in fact the leading cause of injury in the driveway repair industry. It is important to remember that with any moving piece of equipment you need to make sure both your gloves and boots are clean of mud to maximize grip. After this is checked off, remember to utilize the “three-point stance.” Grasp the equipment with your entire hand and foot rather than finger-hold grips. Lastly, use a step ladder when need be and don’t forget to NEVER JUMP OFF!
  2. Overhead Obstructions: Be conscious of overhead obstructions that may stand in the way such as electrical lines. You should be sure to take note of the obstructions and inform all other workers are fully aware of them. Tape is an excellent way to the emphasize the presence of an obstruction and limit the chances of it getting in the way of future work. Paving services Darien, CT must be weary of this as power lines are very prevalent.

  3. Beware of Traffic: When working alongside traffic, other cars and vehicles can pose a potential danger to your task. Always remain aware of your surroundings. Proper signage is essential in protecting you and your fellow workers. Since heat equipment may be rather loud, it can be difficult to hear when a potential danger is nearing. This is why communication between workers is key so others can catch warning signs.

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