driveway paving Stamford CT

Prior to having a new asphalt paving Stamford CT it is important to educate yourself on what could potentially cause it damage. This will assist with the longevity of your driveway paving Stamford CT and save you money on future repairs.


You should protect your new asphalt from the potential damages from the sun by coating it with a protective coating every 3-5 years. This should be done by a professional and at DNM Associates, LLC we are happy to help!

Tree Roots

Tree roots are constantly searching for water to keep the tree they are supporting alive. Depending on the tree, their roots can extend out farther than you may think, reaching asphalt and other landscaping that you thought was far enough away. These tree roots have the ability to cause great damage to asphalt paving Stamford CT which is why it is important to steer clear of trees near your new asphalt.

Heavy Objects

A newly paved driveway should not have heavy vehicles parked on it until it is completely set. This can lead to unevenness in the pavement and lessen the durability and life of the pavement.

Extreme Weather

Very hot or cold temperatures can take a toll on your newly paved asphalt. Excessive heat can cause the asphalt to soften and deform easier. During extreme heat, do not let heavy vehicles sit in one spot for a long period of time. On the other hand, extreme cold temperatures can cause the asphalt to become very hard and brittle, leading to easier cracking and damage.

Standing Water

Standing water on asphalt can lead to softening and cracking. To avoid this it is important to remove puddles from one area by brushing them off,

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