3 Interesting Facts about Paving

Fun Facts with D.N.M Associates: Paving Company Greenwich CT

Whether its a driveway that needs repair or a road for a new home or business, the paving contractor Greenwich CT you can rely on is D.N.M Associates. When it comes to asphalt driveway paving, our expert contractors can offer you an affordable, quality, and low maintenance asphalt driveway paving you will love. Don’t let your paving decision be a boring one! Here are 3 interesting facts about paving you might not know.

Asphalt is Older Than You Think

Many of us go day to day without the thought of asphalt crossing their minds. However, asphalt has come a long way since it was first used for modern highways and roads. The first use of asphalt was recorded in 625 BC. Asphalt has been around for so long due to its affordability and durability. If you’re looking for a road or driveway to last for years, asphalt driveway paving Greenwich CT can be the answer.

It is Economical 

When looking for a money-saving solution for your home or business find an expert paving contractor Greenwich CT to be your guide. Since asphalt is a naturally occurring material found in lakes, it can easily be mixed with minerals to create a durable road. Almost 80% of used asphalt can be recycled which makes it a very cost-friendly process. Asphalt driveway paving is the perfect option for Greenwich CT homeowners. 

Asphalt is Everywhere

In the U.S over 94% of pathways and parking areas are paved with asphalt. In comparison to concrete, asphalt can easily be resurfaced and spot repaired to keep at top condition. In order to keep your home or business looking and working the best, choose the paving contractors Greenwich CT at D.N.M Associates.

No matter what your project requires, you want an expert paving contractor Greenwich CT for all of your asphalt needs. At D.N.M Associates, we have over 25 years serving the Greenwich CT area with commercial and home paving services. Get your free estimate to learn more about your asphalt driveway paving Greenwich CT options. Call us at (203)-323-5481.