asphalt paving Stamford CT

The cold winter weather can have a big impact on your asphalt paving Stamford CT. The fluctuation of temperatures throughout the seasons, especially when transitioning from Fall to Winter can make your asphalt more susceptible to damage. 

Freezing and Thawing

The continuous cycle of freezing and thawing of the asphalt paving Stamford CT can take a toll on its strength and longevity. This is inevitable since it is due to season changes but there are some steps you can follow to prevent damage. For example, properly sealing and maintaining your asphalt can prevent cracking and damage. Keeping track of any new cracks and getting them fixed as quick as possible is also essential for preventing larger damages. These cracks may appear small at first but have the potential to expand very quickly.

Melted Snow

When snow melts into water it can have the ability to pool when there are divots in the asphalt. Pooling of ice and water on asphalt can lead to damage from improper draining so it is important to take care of this when noticed. When melted snow sits on your asphalt for too long it can also cause dents and damages. These dents will also continue to get larger and deeper into the ground as time progresses if not handled properly. To prevent this, remove and melted snow as soon as you notice it.

Snow Plows

Snow plows have the potential to scrape your asphalt if it is not entirely smooth. This is hard to prevent since snow must be plowed for safety reasons. Once the snow is melted and gone, reinforcing your seal coat can be beneficial to the look and stability of your asphalt.

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