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A Quick Guide to Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt? What’s that? Sure the term sounds familiar and you can confidently associate it with something pertaining to a driveway or some form of ground work, but do you understand anything else aside from that? If you do than disregard this for you fall into the small minority of people who have a comprehensive idea of its purpose. If you don’t, no worries and look no further because this is the ultimate guide for understanding all the asphalt driveway paving Greenwich.

What is it?

Asphalt is a cheaper alternative to concrete. It is similar to what you may see the road crews laying on the roads or mixing in those large machines. It is a hot mix combination of stone and sand and creates a tar-like material like petroleum. It is heated to 300F. Asphalt is more flexible than concrete so not as likely to crack. Thus causes it to be more likely the weather winters and cool months. Asphalt does set quicker than concrete which causes asphalt contractor Greenwich to need to work fast before it solidifies.

Cons of Asphalt:

  • Its resale value is lower than concrete
  • The edges are not always perfect on your driveway
  • Plants can sprout up between cracks, however it does not crack as easy as concrete so this is less common


Once the preparation is complete, the process takes as short as 40 minutes. After the asphalt is laid out it must sit for 2 days with no driving for the entire 48 hours. It is recommended to be careful for the first month as tire scuffing on the surface and damage the still tender freshly laid new asphalt. The best seasons to install asphalt are spring and summer.


The greater the amount of asphalt you are working with, the more flexibility you have. An example of this is at 40 F crews have 16 minutes to work with 1 ½ inch thick asphalt. However, once the debt of the asphalt grows so does the work-ability time by 6 minutes. It is recommended to wait until the temperatures ate at 70 F. Consult a contractor if they are anything less than that.

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